Series Work – Prison

Women in Prison – From Shame to Freedom     95” x 56 ½”

“Women in Prison; From Shame to Freedom” was born from my passion to express the heart of women locked away by abuse and violence, as well as those who are lost in the prison system.

I have volunteered in a local women’s prison for the last four years and discovered a treasure of beautiful women who have the same hopes, dreams and desires of every woman’s heart. Dreams of beauty, happy marriages and joyful children free from fear.

As I have watched these women grow, I made a series of quilts chronicling their journey to freedom, using the true story of a woman’s life, who I have called “Daisy”:

“Daisy” came from a background of violence and abuse and was locked in solitary confinement. After spending hours throwing a bible against the wall of her metal cell, crying out the question of why everyone hated – her crying out for the love her heart longed for – the bible fell open to the words of Jesus “Why are you surprised when the world hates you, when it hated Me first?”  Daisy then experienced the love and compassion of a God who understood her broken heart and set her free with a new beginning.

These pieces not only represent what I have observed from the women in prison, but what I have personally experienced in freedom from my own bars.  My desire is to challenge women to discuss their own prisons and be liberated.  I want the stories of the women in prison, who are forgotten treasures, hidden from our society, to be heard as they are crying out their message of freedom from pain and loneliness.

All the fabric has been hand dyed and monoprinted, using just 3 colors.  The mortar is silk thread that has been button holed woven and stitched on.


September 21, 2015


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